Our industry-leading, site level, property management solution.

The Rent module enables you to manage accounts receivable through enter payments, document bank deposits, document tenant payment history, log charges and adjustments, print a ledger card, manage security deposits and complete period-end-processing.

The Payables module enables you to maintain your vendor list, enter vendor invoices, maintain recurring payables, print checks, enter manual payments, view payables and view vendor invoices.

The Ledger module enables you to post Ledger entries, enter recurring entries, maintain the Ledger through consolidation or reversing entries, view ledger entries and view balances.

The Maintenance – Work Order module enables you to initiate and track Work Orders in order to track both site activity and inventory.

HUD Section 8
The HUD module allows you to maintain the monthly voucher and track Repayment Agreements along with Excess Income and Special Claims, send and communicate through TRACS, maintain the Excess Income Report and maintain Special Claims.

The Tax Credit module make it easy for you to view and maintain Allocations, Programs, Restrictions, Compliance Events and Unit Status Events. Additionally, users can access and utilize electronic monthly transmission capabilities and develop/export state specific spreadsheets.

RHS Control
RHS Control provides you with full USDA MINC reporting and plus property management capabilities. In addition, RHS Control seamlessly links with CornerStone for LIHTC and/or Section 8 reporting. You also have full access to the CornerStone accounting and maintenance work order functionality.


Our premier CA level solution, designed for error-free voucher processing.


A complete solution specialized for your industry.

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