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CornerStone™: A Windows™ based accounting and property management software
Quite simply, the easiest possible property management system available. Whether you manage conventional or affordable sites, CornerStone™ works for you. CornerStone™ is comprised of fully integrated customizable components: Rent, Payables, Ledger, Maintenance Work Order and Compliance (HUD and Low Income Housing Tax Credit). USDA Compliance is available and links to CornerStone. Information tracking is seamless and comprehensive handling both resident and subsidy rent collection. The fully automated certification process incorporates over 500 error checks and full cross population between Certs and TICs.

Enable your team to increase efficiency with CornerStone's multi-tasking ability, effortless data input when using the Wizards, built-in compliance error checking feature and online help with built-in help desk Live CHAT access.
CaTRAC'r™: A Windows based Contract Administrator software
Designed by working Contract Administrators for advanced tracking and rapid workflow. This robust program implements all IBPS core tasks associated with HUD 50059 certifications, special claims and HAP vouchers. Audit certifications for accuracy, build vouchers based on acceptable certifications, transmit certifications and vouchers to HUD/TRACS and disburse payments to owner/agent via electronic funds transfer.

CaTRAC'r™ currently processes over 300,000 certifications monthly! ICAP, EPS, Indiana Quadel and Vermont Housing are some of the agents who rely on our software. The unique error checking functionality found in CaTRAC'r is also in our site based product, CornerStone. Imagine, site level data screened against the same criteria that the CA's use!


Quality Control - Start to Finish!
A necessary step on the road to product maximization. Qualify for unlimited Client Care, build operational confidence and experience a higher level of satisfaction with the program - receive these benefits of training today!
New and Converting DOS users - Attention! Prepare your data for conversion using our checklist to avoid implementation delays.
The essence of your business! We will work with you to have your new program up and running as quickly as possible, whether through a baseline conversion or manual setup. We also work with current clients to resolve data issues. "Data fix" services are separate from Client Care.
Client Care
Our support experts are here to help you and they "stay with the process". This means that you will have one point of contact for your service call who will facilitate resolution of your issue, start to finish.
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